Website for the European One Drop Sangha
About the website

The intended users are members of the European One Drop Sangha,
which means that he or she has had sanzen with Shodo Harada Roshi.
If other people become interested in serious zazen then please get
in touch with a local group in a country conveniently located.

This is the second edition of the European site for the Worldwide One Drop Sangha.

The first edition was designed and set up in September 2002 by Gensatsu in basic HTML.
The second edition with expanded contents was released in January 2003.

The planned third edition with automated updating features and a revised design
was never realised as a US website was developed at the address
Thanks go to primarily Daiku for his great efforts to keep the US website floating.

On January 8, 2013 the contents of this website was reduced to directing
traffic to the new website developed in 2012 for the worldwide One Drop sangha.
Thanks go to Harvey for developing this new website, and to ShoE (et al) for
filling it with interesting content for everyone to enjoy.

Pictorial copyright abbreviations:

"Copyright Jigen" is a short form of saying
"Copyright owner is Roland Jigen Schmid,
Utengasse 56, CH-4058 Basel, Switzerland."

"Copyright Gensatsu" is a short form of saying
"Copyright owner is Michael Gensatsu Osterwald-Lenum,
Hoejgaards vaenge 24, DK-2880 Bagsvaerd, Copenhagen, Denmark."

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